5 Tips to Help You Achieve Instagram Organic Growth

5 Tips to Help You Achieve Instagram Organic Growth

It is easy to sign up for an account on Instagram, but it becomes obvious relatively early that getting the right numbers to stay relevant is a daunting task. This is when you need to rethink your strategy and come up with a solid plan that can help you reach your target without having to burn the midnight oil tapping away at the app.

Instagram Statistics That Matter

One of the most interesting statistics is how fast this platform is expanding. As we speak, more than 70 percent of businesses are using Instagram for marketing their products and/or services. This is TWICE the number of businesses that were on the platform in 2016.

This increase tells you that the platform is gaining popularity, and it is growing. It also tells you that more and more businesses find it relevant to use the platform for their marketing purposes.

Another statistic is that 80 percent of the users follow brands on Instagram.60 percent of the users admit that they hear about new products or services on this platform for the first time. This means that you are more likely to get leads when you use Instagram the right way.

But first, you need to grow your audience properly to enjoy the leads. Here is how.

Use the Right Content

Content is ideal for any social network, more so Instagram. To increase your customer base, you first need to make them notice you. You can get noticed only if you post relevant content for your users. If the followers like your content, they follow you. The content we are talking about in this case is images and videos.

Use Smart Hashtags

Hashtags help you spread your message around to the right audience. When it comes to hashtags, there is no magic formula – you need to use a hashtag that matches with the content you have posted. The hashtags make it easy for the users to find the content that you have just posted.

The best practice is to use between three and seven hashtags, even though you have a limit of 30 to use for each post.

Stay Within the Scope

You need to stay consistent when it comes to the kind of content that you post. Remember that the attention span of the online audience is limited, which means you only have a few seconds to pass on the message and convince your audience that you are the best in the market. You not only have to pass on the message, but you also have to convince the audience to follow you, and ultimately buy whatever you are selling.

Plan Ahead

Getting real Instagram followers isn’t something that will come overnight – it takes planning and strategizing. What you need to do in such a case is to plan so that you are consistent with your posting of content. Don’t be tempted to go for burst posting, whereby you post many posts in a day, then the rest of the week you keep quiet.

Use Growth Services

It takes time and a lot of effort to achieve organic growth the right way. What you need to do in such an instance is to use a growth service to help you get the right followers. The organic growth service for Instagram by the Small Business Blog is one of the ways to grow your following without having to spend hours on the app. Try it today.

The Conclusion

It takes more than a few posts to grow your following and your influence on Instagram. What you need is to follow the tips in this post to stay relevant, and have a huge audience.

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