Buying Instagram followers

Buying Instagram followers

Buying followers was once advised as a top way to boost your followers on Instagram. The problem with these bought followers is that they were all fake. Fake accounts which means zero likes comments or interaction with them. Imagine having over 100,000 followers on Instagram and on each post have little to no likes or comments. It would look very strange indeed. A drawback of this is that no one likes looking at an account with fake followers.

A different and more effective approach

Imagine if you were able to gain large numbers of followers that actually were real people. That when you interacted with them they interacted back. Well believe it or not you can. With an Instagram Bot! Unlike ‘the buy followers’ approach the Instagram Bot allows you to gain genuine users organically.

What is an Instagram Bot?

An Instagram bot is an automated software that can either be used with a web-based application or downloaded from the internet.  An Instagram Bot will help you gain real followers by using the strategic ‘follow, like, comment’ approach, but on autopilot. The good thing is that it won’t just do this on any random user. The auto motion will help select your desired user based on hashtags.

Instagram Bots can perform other repetitive but engaging tasks such as:

  • Liking photos
  • Making scheduled comments
  • Following people

Some Instagram Bots even have extra features which will allow automated direct messaging.

Basically the whole concept of an Instagram Bot is to drive up engagement and make accounts appear more popular and valuable.

Why is this important?

A large Instagram following is more than just likes and ego. For businesses, Instagram is a great platform to market theirproducts or brand because it allows them to create a market with Instagram followers and helps reach them directly. Some business even give sponsorship or free products to people with personal profiles that have popular accounts. Now you can see why it is important. Having more followers can lead to earning more money.

A tragic occurrence

Recently there was a fatal loss in the Instagram Bot community. The easy to use, value for money, Bot trailblazer Instagress became closed. There was a lot of fear and uncertainty when the favored automation tool got shut down by Instagram and left a huge void.

Why did Instagress close?

It is believed that Instagress Bots would run all of its client’s accounts on the same server. This left too many footprints and is probably the reason why it got shut down by Instagram.

What is next?

Alas do not fear, hope is not lost. Some alternative Bots have emerged offering the same or better service for automatically growing your Instagram account following.

Some alternatives

Some of the current popular Instagram bots that are believed to offer a similar or better service that Instagress include:

  • FollowAdder
  • Instato
  • InstaQ
  • Followinglike

The future looks promising

As you can see the glory days of Instagress are not to be forgotten, it was an innovative trailblazer before it unfortunately got closed by Instagram. However, things are looking very positive for the Instagram Bot future now that new forerunners have emerged to challenge for the top spot that Instagress left behind. If you would like to read about the Instagram Bot alternatives that were mentioned above in great detail the check out some alternatives on Fred Harrington’s blog here: This in-depth article discusses the pros and cons of each Bot alternative as well as laying out and comparing the pricing structure so you do not lose any time in pondering about which Bot to use and ensures a smooth transition into the new age of Instagram Bots.

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