Reviews by Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis Hi, I'm Ray, just turned 52 years old and started this review site where I cover all my latest purchases. I hope you'll enjoy reading them so that all the effort ain't for nothing lol, no seriously read them so that you don't make the same mis-buys I made, it will save you lots of money and headaches, trust me on that!

Ways to Market Your Small Business Without Breaking the Bank

Ways to Market Your Small Business Without Breaking the BankWhen business budgets become tight, the marketing budget is the first one that most people rush to cut. Stop right there! Traditional marketing methods use up a big chunk of your cash; your small business can now benefit greatly via access to affordable and trackable marketing tools. Combining these tools with physical strategies will give... Read More »

5 Activities That Will Entertain Your Toddler

5 Activities That Will Entertain Your ToddlerChildren develop fast, and once they start learning to walk, they become more curious. A dilemma among caretakers is that toddlers are difficult to entertain. Thus, finding activities that entertain them becomes a necessity. Worry not, as this article suggests five sources of entertainment for your kids. Action Figures and Dolls Once your children begin... Read More »

Toddler Swing Benefits and Tips

Toddler Swing Benefits and TipsFrom the day your baby is born, he enjoys the gentle rocking motion that comes with a swing, a rocker or even the mother’s arms. Advancing to the toddler stage requires more movement to keep the baby happy. This is the reason an investment in a toddler swing set is a good idea. Why a... Read More »

Documenting the Different Types of Microphones

Documenting the Different Types of MicrophonesIt seems like such an easy product to shop for, at first. As time goes on, though, you are finding out how difficult it is to choose the ideal one to accommodate your situation, huh? This is, of course, alluding to microphones. If any of you have done any research whatsoever on them, then you... Read More »

First Date Tips for Guys

First Date Tips for GuysHey, men! Are you about to go on your first date with a lady you met online? Worried about making the wrong impression? Online dating is a wonderful way of meeting new people in your area, but the downside is, first dates really are almost a total surprise. When you meet someone through friends or... Read More »

Becoming a digital nomad – a shopping guide

Becoming a digital nomad – a shopping guideMore and more people are choosing the freelance lifestyle and opting to work remotely. It’s a nice job, if you can get it, that allows you to work from anywhere, travel and, in many cases, stick to your own schedule. If you’ve just released yourself from the confines of an office and are keen to... Read More »