The Amazing Ways AR and VR are Applied in Industries Today

The Amazing Ways AR and VR are Applied in Industries Today

Virtual and augmented reality holds an enormous potential to change the future for different fields, ranging from business to medicine to manufacturing.

As we speak, medical professionals are using AR and VR to increase the capacity of traditional treatment methods and finding effective ways to treat a wide variety of medical conditions. They are also using these technologies to train medical students in various ways.

In manufacturing, automobile manufacturers are using the technologies to make safer vehicles, while architects are using the technology to build stronger buildings. In business, travel agencies are using technology to make it easier for you to plan your vacation. You can read more about these technologies at

Let us look at amazing ways AR and VR are in use today so that you can have an idea of what to expect in future.

Use in Dental Surgery

You all know how scary it is to face a dentist. Well, this will soon be outdated because dentists will soon be using VR to distract the patient and try to ease anxiety and associated pain. The dentist can use a VR headset to depict a certain scene that will distract the patient the right way.

Patients that have used the technology before admit that they felt less pain compared to those that did not use the technology at all. The calming scene helps to soothe the patient and distract them long enough for the dentist to perform the surgery.

Employee Training

You can use VR and AR to train your employees on various aspects of their jobs. Using these technologies helps your employees to learn and experience real-world scenarios that relate to their jobs. For instance, you can mimic a holiday rush or a mess in the business, which in turn helps them to learn how to handle these scenarios when they happen.

Treating Post Traumatic Stress Disease

For several decades, doctors have used exposure therapy to treat millions of adults that have PTSD each year. Using exposure therapy helps the patient to recount their trauma, visualize it and tell the doctor exactly what is happening so that he can prescribe the right medication.

VR uses the same principle but at a more advanced level. The headsets in use help to create a virtual world that comes complete with custom elements depending on the experience at hand. The patient gets time to narrate what happened according to the situation.

Pain Treatment

Doctors are using the distraction that comes with VR to help patients handle various pains during procedures such as physical therapy. The VR headset can be loaded with a game that distracts the patient as he undergoes the therapy. Using VR has proven more beneficial compared to using pain medication.

One of the best studies showed that those patients that underwent dental procedures found it less painful and more stimulating when they experienced scenes portrayed by VR.

Student Training

VR and AR provide medical and dental students a controlled environment for practicing surgical procedures. This allows them to perform procedures without affecting the actual patient, while they prepare for any eventuality the right way.

The students can handle a hands-on procedure and can interact with the virtual patient. This way, they can develop their skills and apply to the real world without having to put the life of a real patient in jeopardy.

Help Autistic Children Learn Social Skills

Researchers have come up with a game that assists autistic children to develop social skills. The game places the kids in social scenarios where they interact with other people, and this helps them interact with their peers naturally. As they interact in the VR simulation, they pick up social cues and learn to respond to issues appropriately.

The game also helps the researchers to monitor the brain waves so that they can understand what goes on at any particular time. They also check out the progress in social response, which is supposed to improve over time.

In Closing

VR and AR have become the pillars in many industries that rely on visuals to make decisions or to pass across a message. What you need to do is to find out how these technologies can help your situation, and integrate them into your processes.

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