The Net Neutrality Repeal Simplified and Its Effect on Small Business Sites

The Net Neutrality Repeal Simplified and Its Effect on Small Business Sites

American net neutrality has recently been repealed and people in the tech industry are up in arms. Net neutrality was a set of regulations put in place to stop internet service providers from changing the access people have to specific websites.

Prior to the establishment of net neutrality company X could make your site slower, faster or block access altogether if they pleased. They were planning to set up the internet do work somewhat like cable does.

You if have a bad imagination like I do the easiest way to explain it is that you’d pay a premium to access your favourite social media. Do you want to use Whatsapp? Pay an addition 4.99 USD a month. Do you love YouTube? That’s 3.99 extra a month and that’s not considering bundle plans.

The threat of ISPs throttling websites is a major concern for small business owners. The general consensus is that this ability allows them to create a barrier to entry that’s too high for more starting entrepreneurs.

With internet marketing being the best tool for most businesses big or small the implications can be massive.

Those on the side of the FCC and its repeal consider the above to be little more than fear-mongering. They claim the deregulation will aid the market and create competition between ISPs.

The logic comes from a belief that Google has slowly been working its way into locations and taking customers from its competition. According to repeal supporters, Google has been hiding behind the regulations and using its massive infrastructure to strangle the industry.

For smaller or more regional ISPs, deregulation means they can better innovate and test the markets. They believe they’ll be able to compete on a more even level and offer a better product to the people.

I personally think this is just a cash grab before Google inevitably swallows the industry. But, that’s just me.

What does any of this have to do with me?

If you’re outside of North America, there’s a decent chance that this may not affect you at all. However, if you’re Canadian, the following events may be a foreshadowing of things to come. Unfortunately, whether good or bad, the U.S. influences others.

Internet connectivity has reached a point where a web presence has become almost standard. A survey of consumers has concluded that people don’t even trust a business if they don’t have a website. This means your ability to market is tied directly to the events in question.

If you do have a website, it probably bests that you pay attention in the coming months to what ISPs are planning to do post-repeal. I’m willing to wager it won’t be anything major, but staying informed is never a bad idea.

I don’t have a website, but I planned to make one.

If you’re planning a startup or have a business but no web presence, don’t let any of what I said deter you. It’s very unlikely that anything other than social media or news bundles will come of it, but you too should stay informed.

How do I go about creating that website?

The answer to the question is simple or complicated depending on your level of experience. If you’re experienced with the neccessary programming languages, I’d say just script it yourself. Otherwise, a platform like Weebly is all you need.

Weebly is a drag-and-drop website creation platform made specifically for ease of use. It has an in-house dev team and customer support in case you have questions or catch a snag and it’s simple enough that you could be up and running in an hour.

There are even teams that can customize the look of your website if you want to be more professional. If that’s what you’re looking for, visit our site.

With your web-presence complete, well done and out of the way you can get back to focusing on your business and worrying about if the FCC and big ISPs will get in your way. But, once again, that is incredibly unlikely. We hope.

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