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Ray Lewis Hi, I'm Ray, just turned 52 years old and started this review site where I cover all my latest purchases. I hope you'll enjoy reading them so that all the effort ain't for nothing lol, no seriously read them so that you don't make the same mis-buys I made, it will save you lots of money and headaches, trust me on that!

IO Hawk Hoverboard Review

Hoverboards have sprung up in huge numbers over the past year or so and whilst they may not be what people were picturing in Back To The Future, they are still a pretty cool way to travel around. Just on the off chance you have been living under a rock for the past year, let me explain what a hoverboard is. They are a device which has two wheels either side of a skateboard type surface and they are powered by an electric motor. The way they move is through gyroscopes inside the machine, and all you have to do is lean the way you would like to travel. It may take a little bit of practise for the beginner, but after a while you will be zooming around with the best of them. As more hoverboards have begun to spring up, it has become more and more important to find the right one, and that is why today, we are going to look at the IO Hawk for you!

So tell me about the features

One of the most crucial things to keep an eye on when looking at a hoverboard is the weight. You do not want it to be too heavy as it won’t move anywhere, but if it is too light it will be very hard to control and you may not enjoy the thrill of the ride as much. Thankfully, the IO gets this just right as is comes in at 10KG which is close to perfect. The maximum speed you can reach on this board is 10kmph which may not seem like a lot, but once you are on it you will know that it is. Other things worth mentioning about this board are the non-pneumatic hollow tires, and the lithium-ion battery which powers it.

What are the positive points?

You probably won’t be looking to use the IO as your primary mode of transportation, but it is worth bearing in mind that it could still get you to work in an emergency as the range of this machine is an impressive 15-20 km! This is a compact hoverboard, only measuring 584 x 186 x 178 mm, so when you arrive at your destination you will have no issues hiding it away in the corner.

And what about the negative ones too?

The only real negative point about the IO is the fact that the tires are non pneumatic. As they are hollow they could have more of a tendency to burst if they role over something sharp, and whilst they should not do this it is still something you should keep an eye out for. If you want to compare the tires or any other element of the machine to other hoverboards, then why not do so at The Electric Rider?

What is the conclusion?

This is one of the best hoverboards on the market and you know what you are getting when you purchase an IO. Everything about this little transportation device works and it works well, so if you are looking to treat yourself to a new gadget then why not make it the IO Hawk?


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