Reviews by Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis Hi, I'm Ray, just turned 52 years old and started this review site where I cover all my latest purchases. I hope you'll enjoy reading them so that all the effort ain't for nothing lol, no seriously read them so that you don't make the same mis-buys I made, it will save you lots of money and headaches, trust me on that!

5 Tips to Help You Achieve Instagram Organic Growth

5 Tips to Help You Achieve Instagram Organic GrowthIt is easy to sign up for an account on Instagram, but it becomes obvious relatively early that getting the right numbers to stay relevant is a daunting task. This is when you need to rethink your strategy and come up with a solid plan that can help you reach your target without having to... Read More »

The Evolution of Recorded Sound

The Evolution of Recorded SoundIt may be hard for the younger crowd to believe or understand now, but there existed a time when the release date of your favorite band or singer’s new album – on vinyl, cassette, or even CD – was a highly anticipated event. Eager fans would line up outside the local record store, breathlessly awaiting... Read More »

The Amazing Ways AR and VR are Applied in Industries Today

The Amazing Ways AR and VR are Applied in Industries TodayVirtual and augmented reality holds an enormous potential to change the future for different fields, ranging from business to medicine to manufacturing. As we speak, medical professionals are using AR and VR to increase the capacity of traditional treatment methods and finding effective ways to treat a wide variety of medical conditions. They are also... Read More »

Instagram Marketing for Plumbers

Instagram Marketing for PlumbersRunning a plumbing business is exciting, and lucrative because of the many homes and commercial establishments that need the services. However, there are so many plumbing companies that do the same thing that you do, and are on the lookout for you to slip so that they can grab your customers. You need to keep... Read More »

Decisions That Need Input From Both Parties In A Marriage

Decisions That Need Input From Both Parties In A MarriageMarriage is one of the most treasured institutions as it brings two souls that in love together. From the outside, this institution seems very appealing because most people display their good sides only for the public to see. However, many things happen in the background and what you may think is a perfect couple may... Read More »

5 Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Planner

5 Benefits of Hiring a Wedding PlannerPlanning a wedding is no simple feat. From the outfits and guest-list to the venue and catering, there are many aspects couples need to plan and organize. But thankfully, you don’t have to go it alone. Whether you’re just too busy, need an experienced helping hand, or want a professional to create the perfect wedding... Read More »