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Ray Lewis Hi, I'm Ray, just turned 52 years old and started this review site where I cover all my latest purchases. I hope you'll enjoy reading them so that all the effort ain't for nothing lol, no seriously read them so that you don't make the same mis-buys I made, it will save you lots of money and headaches, trust me on that!

Decisions That Need Input From Both Parties In A Marriage

Decisions That Need Input From Both Parties In A MarriageMarriage is one of the most treasured institutions as it brings two souls that in love together. From the outside, this institution seems very appealing because most people display their good sides only for the public to see. However, many things happen in the background and what you may think is a perfect couple may... Read More »

5 Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Planner

5 Benefits of Hiring a Wedding PlannerPlanning a wedding is no simple feat. From the outfits and guest-list to the venue and catering, there are many aspects couples need to plan and organize. But thankfully, you don’t have to go it alone. Whether you’re just too busy, need an experienced helping hand, or want a professional to create the perfect wedding... Read More »

The Perfect Wedding Singer

The Perfect Wedding SingerFinding the right wedding performer can be a hassle since this is the first time you are attempting to work with one. Coupled with the stress of finding the right venue, wedding attire, organizing the wedding, finding the right honeymoon destination and more, getting the right singer can be a daunting task. Today we look... Read More »

The Net Neutrality Repeal Simplified and Its Effect on Small Business Sites

The Net Neutrality Repeal Simplified and Its Effect on Small Business SitesAmerican net neutrality has recently been repealed and people in the tech industry are up in arms. Net neutrality was a set of regulations put in place to stop internet service providers from changing the access people have to specific websites. Prior to the establishment of net neutrality company X could make your site slower,... Read More »

The Girl Next Door’s Guide to Starting a Business.

The Girl Next Door’s Guide to Starting a Business.So, you made a business plan, are passionate about owning a business, but are secretly concerned about staying out of failure statistics. Look no further. Don\’t be afraid to ask for help, and don\’t be afraid to ask for direction. This is the Girl Next Door\’s guide to making it through a business startup successfully-provided... Read More »

Buying Instagram followers

Buying Instagram followersBuying followers was once advised as a top way to boost your followers on Instagram. The problem with these bought followers is that they were all fake. Fake accounts which means zero likes comments or interaction with them. Imagine having over 100,000 followers on Instagram and on each post have little to no likes or... Read More »